These three images were sent to us by a customer from Barnsley. By the look of the slim line double glazed units, I would make a guess that this house is going to be in a conservation area. We recently had our Victorian cottage renovated, with part of the renovation to replace the original sash windows. Anyone who has sash widows will know that they are not the most thermally efficient product. Because we are in a conservation area, we had to install very thin 12mm double glazed units, to keep the appearance from the road as close to the original as possible. The thickness of the walls suggests that the building was probably a barn or industrial building of old, allowing for a very impressive windowsill. The colour of the tropical hardwood window unit matches well with the oak sill.

The most impressive window is the tall leaded window with obscured glass. There is a lovely section of quarter cut oak at the top of the frame, as well as a fantastically knotted sill that is cut perfectly into the original lime stone surround.

We spend all our time picking and packing orders, we sometimes forget that our products are used to such good effect in our customers homes.


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