Renovation Tips For Your Cupboards

Do you want a kitchen make-over, but can't afford a new refit? Or perhaps you have some old cabinet furniture that you want to keep but no longer fits with your interior design. Changing the hardware on your cupboards is an inexpensive way to give your home a new look. Cup pulls, pull handles & cabinet knobs can be mixed to give a unique look that is right for your home. Read on for inspiration!

Examples of different kitchen cabinet furniture

Types of Cabinet Furniture

The most common types of cabinet and cupboard furniture are cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and handles.

Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs are available in a wide selection of style from traditional to contemporary to rustic. Different sizes can be used to give a different look. On trend, contemporary kitchens are using small and minimalistic cabinet knobs, whereas rustic or shaker kitchens favour larger sizes of Victorian style knobs.

See how this traditional cabinet has been modernised and transformed by painting it white and using classic Victorian Polished Chrome Cabinet Knobs.

Before and after cabinet renovation


If you are looking to accentuate vintage style in a period property, wooden cabinet knobs are a great choice. These polished Rosewood Bun Cabinet Knobs are the perfect detail for refurbished period properties. They also work well in more modern homes with traditional interior designs.

Rosewood Bun Cabinet Knobs



Cup Pulls

Cup pulls are a popular choice for kitchen drawers and cupboards and can also be used for a retro feel or a more contemporary style. Shaker kitchens often have cup pulls on drawers and cupboards. Cup pulls are available in a variety of designs and finishes, from plain, rustic or decorative. Why not make a feature of your cupboards with some Decorative Cup Pulls. Stunning!

Kitchen with cup pulls

Burnished cup pull

Pull Handles

Pull Handles are the perfect choice, if you are looking for a functional, utilitarian type of drawer or cupboard handle. The bespoke cabinet below uses Black Beeswax Hand Forged Pulls and traditional T Hinges to give the perfect country cottage look. Alternatively these same pull handles are available in a pewter finish which offers a contemporary twist. And in the third photo you can see how cast iron pull handles have been put to good use on a bespoke chopping board. Great inspirational ideas!

Pull handles and T Hinges
Pewter hinges & cast iron pull handles
Cast Iron Pull Handles

Fitting Cabinet Knobs & Pull Handles

Knobs and pulls can be used with either furniture or cabinetry and there are no specific rules for their placement. You can think of them as both artistic accents and functional pieces. One key difference between them is that knobs are installed with a single screw while pulls are installed with two or three screws. If you are replacing a pull, remember to measure the centers of the screw to determine the size of pull that you require for an identical replacement. However, if you are filling the holes or using a back plate, you will increase your options tenfold.

When replacing hardware, be sure it will be sturdy enough to actually function. You should also try to remember to use slotted screws if you desire a period look- Phillip headed screws are an invention of the 1940s. Knobs and pulls do not have to be of the same style, but their finish should ideally be compatible with other hardware in the room, remembering that they need to harmonize with any exposed hinges.

TIP: Generally, a single knob or pull can be used on drawers under 18" (45.7 cm) while drawers wider than 18" (45.7 cm) use either two knobs or pulls.

See you next time for more tips and ideas for Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware


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