Its not very often that we get the chance to photograph one of our customers projects. Due to the nature of our business, its not often the case that a project happens locally. So when around 4 miles from our factory in Clare, in the picturesque village of Kedington, one of our customers had a serious renovation project, we were eager to view the transformation first hand.

When purchased, the property was in a relatively derelict condition, with the original structure being a fairly modest two up, two down workman’s cottage. To bring it up to modern expectations, a split level extension was built to the side of the house, allowing for both a larger kitchen and a separate dining room.

The courtyard has now been paved in Indian sand stone with a winding red brick path leading to the front door. Inside, the property has been tastefully refurbished. Beams and original lime mortar flint walls have been exposed and highlighted with cleverly installed indirect lighting to really set the mood. The combination of period features as well as modern essentials has been achieved seamlessly with the finished product a truly wonderful addition to the Suffolk countryside.

To add the finishing touch, our customer used as part of the project:


Acle Cottage - 1 | Suffolk Latch CompanyAcle Cottage - 3 | Suffolk Latch Company
Acle Cottage - 2 | Suffolk Latch CompanyAcle Cottage - 5 | Suffolk Latch CompanyAcle Cottage - 4 | Suffolk Latch CompanyAcle Cottage - 6 | Suffolk Latch Company
Acle Cottage - 8 | Suffolk Latch CompanyAcle Cottage - 7 | Suffolk Latch CompanyAcle Cottage - 9 | Suffolk Latch CompanyAcle Cottage - 10 | Suffolk Latch Company



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