House Tours Extra: A Unique Woodland Retreat

23 January 2024
James Wise


Tucked away at the edge of the North Norfolk coastal village

 Photography by Dan Wallis 



Blackwood Norfolk

Just 5 minutes from beautiful beaches and cosied up in National Trust woodland; Sarah from Backwood Norfolk has created a unique home on the North Norfolk Coast. 

Take a look at our tour of Blackwood Norfolk on our YouTube Channel. 

Blackwood was created in early 2020 with its name being inspired by the charred accoya wood surrounding its exterior. Blackwood is truly a distinctive home, from its California desert-inspired decor and layout to the secluded grounds where you feel like you could be in the middle of a deep forest. It offers such a unique experience inside and out of the home. 

Blackwood Living Room

Nestled in the quaint village of West Runton on the picturesque North Norfolk coast, Blackwood Norfolk stands as a testament to creativity and passion. This holiday let and shoot location is not just a property; it's a story of transformation and inspiration, crafted with love by Sarah, its owner and designer.

Being only a short drive from the seaside town of Cromer and West Runton Beach, these areas are well known for their expansive sands and intriguing rock pools when the tide is out, making them a great spot for fossil hunting.

The cliffs at West Runton are a Site of Special Scientific Interest, adding to the area's charm​. Located only 23 miles from the bustling city of Norwich, you can truly have the best of both worlds in Blackwood Norfolk.

Blackwood Details

The Journey Begins

Sarah's journey began about five and a half years ago when her family moved to Norfolk. They found themselves in a home with a large, unappealing outbuilding at the corner of their garden. This unsightly structure, set in a sprawling two-acre garden, was set to be transformed into a unique home. With the initial thoughts of turning this run-down garage/workshop into accommodation for friends and family, however, with work commencing in early 2020, Sarah was held back from renovating due to national lockdowns, which stopped any building from being started. This allowed Sarah to spend more time designing the interior of the outbuilding. 

Inside pre-renovation of Blackwood Norfolk

The Transformation

The vision for Blackwood Norfolk evolved from a personal space for friends and family into a stunning holiday home that demanded to be shared with the world. The lockdown period of 2020 proved to be a silver lining, giving Sarah the time to research and hone her interior design skills. Drawing inspiration from Californian desert properties and Australian beach houses, she crafted an ambience that's both airy and cosy, using natural materials and earthy tones.

Desert Chic on the North Sea Coast

What makes Blackwood Norfolk unique is its 'Desert Chic' style, a blend of aesthetics that feels incongruous yet perfectly at home on the North Sea coast. The property's design resonates so authentically with this theme that it once earned high praise from Californian guests, Sarah said "We had some Californians who stayed here, they said it's the best example of desert chic" they had seen. "I felt noticed by that lovely feedback"


Blackwood bathroom


Desert Chic Home

Desert Chic on the North Norfolk Coast

Overcoming Challenges

The journey wasn't without its challenges; The lockdowns restricted Sarah's ability to explore and shop for interiors physically and discover new inspiration. This led her to source items from across the globe and ship different materials and objects to her, bringing a unique blend of styles to Norfolk. Her dedication is evident in every corner of Blackwood Norfolk with even the smallest of details being meticulously chosen for its evelating aesthetic. 


Blackwood Desert Chic Home

Blackwood Norfolk

A Source of Inspiration

Today, Blackwood Norfolk is more than just a holiday home. It's a source of inspiration for many, attracting guests who are either in the midst of their renovations or seeking a unique getaway. Sarah's commitment to research and design has paid off, creating a space that's not only beautiful but also deeply inspiring. An overwhelming point that must be shown is the cohesive nature and flow of the home, as soon as you step into Blackwood and follow the open floor plan you don't even notice seamless room changes. 


Blackwood Norfolk - Wood Chairs

Blackwood Bathroom

A Heartfelt Invitation

As Sarah and her family share Blackwood Norfolk with the world, they invite you to experience the warmth and beauty of this unique coastal retreat. Whether you're seeking design inspiration or a peaceful escape, Blackwood Norfolk promises an unforgettable stay, please discover their Blackwood Norfolk Website to find out more information on booking stays and discover the uniquely designed interior in person.


Desert Chic


Blackwood Norfolk, living room


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